How to: Attempt to cook saltimbocca alla Romana

If you date an Italian man, you’ll know of a few self-evident truths. You’ll always wonder why he only breakfasts on coffee, you’ll always wonder why he’s so sex obsessed and you’ll always wonder if you’re cooking the cuisine right.

Saltimbocca – “jumps in the mouth”. Veal escalopes and sage wrapped in prosciutto, fried in white wine.

After calzone, questionable doner kebabs,  cornetto ice creams, sponge cakes, scones, M&M cookies from tescos and enormous burgers, saltimbocca is his favourite dish and he had been banging on for years for me to make it. I never did, because veal is extortionate.

For his “homecoming meal” after our two months around Asia, I agreed to make it. 

Every step of the way was plagued with self-doubt and fear. I would never match up to Nonnina that was sure, but I was hoping to pass the moglie test.

As he stabbed his fork in, I stood over him like a Bake Off Contestant awaiting the dreaded “it was overworked. Alessio looked at me.

“Fucking great, baby”


Saltimbocca alla romana from this recipe here.

Alessio refused to accept cooking wine was something you can get, so he bought a cheap white from Sainsburys. I also completely forgot the chicken broth so there’s also that.

You can serve it with polenta, pasta and veggies but Ale is an inauthentic Italian and just wanted it with bread. I served it with sliced sage roasted potatoes instead.

He enjoyed it, even without the chicken broth! Thank you to the Italian Chef for the recipe!


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