“Letitia, of Trashgirl Aesthetic, has brought so much to our world and culture. Following her blog is simply critical to one’s wellbeing, future and self-esteem.” Thyme Magazine, 1952

“This blog, and Letitia as a result, is very important and influential.” Someone on the street, 1977

“Truth be told, Trashgirl Aesthetic is a bit shite.” A relative. My father, actually. 2017

With testimonials like those, who needs an about page?

Trashgirl Aesthetic was born when Letitia realised her article on dickpics was her woefully unpublished magnum opus, and everyone needed to read her essay on Freakum Dress by Beyoncé.

For How Tos on how to embarrass both your family and inlaws, opinion pieces on skeevy men and the chore that is Her On Top and fashion tips on seeking the tackiest garmest during a window shop – this blog is the endroit à être. Which is google translate for ‘best blog ever’.

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